Three No-Cook Food Ideas Which Your Kids Can Prepare

Involving your children in weekly food is a way to get them interested in healthy food. Besides the preparation of meal or easy cooking keep your children busy in a creative way. Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. In the time of measuring ingredients or following recipe they have to apply the knowledge and common sense that they already have acquired and gain new knowledge at the same time. Childcare experts suggest involving even a daycare toddler while preparing the meal. The only thing the parents have to do is to assign jobs depending on their age and skill.

Some kindergartens at San Marino, CA who not only encourage the academic skill of their students but, also the overall development of the kids, have kept some easy meal food preparation program in their curriculum. According to the childcare experts of those preschool, the practice of making food makes children self-defendant and it enhances their confidence. Here are some simple no-cooking food ideas suggested by a nutritionist of a kindergarten in SanMarino, CA that may help parents to engage their children in preparing some food.

No oven cake:

In a mixing bowl tell your children to put some sweet biscuits. Break them into small pieces. Tell them to pour some cream milk in it and wait for 2–3 minutes so that biscuits soak the milk and get soft. With a hand blender allow them to mix everything into medium consistency. Tell them to pour that in a shape. Sprinkle some Choco chips on it. Keep it in the refrigerator for 2–3 hours to set. Now the cake is ready. Let them cut into pieces and tell them to pour some chocolate sauce before serving. Dinner dessert is ready.

Potato mashing

Give your children two large-sized boiled potatoes after cooling them. Let them peel and mash the potato and mix milk, butter, salt in it. They can use oregano and pepper if they want.
Chicken Sandwich:

One of the most favorite foods of children is chicken sandwiches which they can eat at any time. The three main ingredients of this sandwich are bread, butter, and boiled shredded chicken. Give them a spatula to apply ample butter on any one side of the bread. Let them place a good amount of shredded chicken on it. If they want they can add salt, pepper, cucumber slices, grated cheese, or lettuce. At last, they should cover everything with another buttered slice.

Cheesy Egg:

Boil some eggs and let them cool. Then give them to your children to peel it. Give them a plastic cutter so that they can cut boiled eggs into two halves. With the help of a grater tell your children to grate some mozzarella cheese and with the help of a plastic cutter allow them to chop some fresh coriander. Tell them to add everything on eggs. If they want they can add some chili flakes to it. To melt the cheese you can place these eggs in a micro oven for a minute or two. The cheesy egg is ready.

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