Preparing Your Little One For Preschool? 4 Tips To Help You Out

Is your little one getting ready to go to preschool Sierra Madre, CA this fall? Then here are some tips on how to make it worry-free for both you and your child.

Use pretend to play to make him ready for playschool

Before your child actually goes to a preschool, you can turn your playtime into a test run on how to go to playschool. You can start by teaching him to great you as a teacher and make a pretend schoolroom with his favorite toys and stuffed animals. You can read books during this “school time” or sing songs. Such activities will take away his fear of being in a new place and you can show him that his playschool is going to be just another fun-filled place where he can learn and play with his new friends. So, when the actual school starts, your child will be less anxious and even look forward to his first day in school.

Listen to him

Children often pick up snippets of conversation from adults or even peers of their age group and create horrifying scenarios in their minds. Don’t belittle these worries of your child but listen to him instead. Let him talk to you about what exactly he is fearing about going to a preschool so that you can ease his mind with correct information. Is he worried that you would forget to pick him up after his preschool Sierra Madre, CA? Then talk to him and learn why he thinks so. If you know the reason for his thinking, you can assure him that you will always be there for him after school. But be realistic; also mention that you may be late sometime, or some other member of your home may come to pick him up if you are busy elsewhere. Don’t forget to talk about your experience in preschool as that will help him to ease his fears.

Do school shopping together

Few weeks before school starts, take your child for the school supply purchases. Let him choose his backpack, lunch box, pencil box, and other supplies. Letting him choose will make him feel “big” and eager to go to school. Label the items together as that will make them feel an attachment to his things and take proper care of them later on.

Practise self-help

Schools expect your toddler to come with some self-help knowledge when you enroll him in a preschool. It includes unzipping or rezipping his coat, keeping things like his books or coat in place, and also fastening his shoes. So, make sure you teach these to your toddler before the school day arrives. You can make it a game by competing to see who can tie a shoelace faster or who can keep things in place better. If you are going to send packed lunch to your child, that also should be practiced beforehand. So, for some days, make a packed lunch for your child, give him in a bag, and let him take it out and eat by himself. He will feel more confident when he starts going to school if you can teach him these basic skills.

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