Looking For Child Care Providers? 4 Questions To Ask

If you are thinking about sending your toddler to a childcare Duarte, CA, then this article is perfect for you. Your child will be in the hands of the childcare provider for a good amount of time, so selecting one should be done with care. To help you out, here are 4 very important questions you need to ask when you are visiting prospective childcare facilities.

What kind of childcare facility is it?

Primarily there are two kinds of childcare facility; home daycare and group daycare. In a home daycare, the person taking care of your child will be in her home and may also take care of her own children along with yours. In group daycare, children of various age group plays, learn and socialize together. It is more like a school with licensed teachers, specific course module and scheduled activity. Which one you choose will vastly depend on the age of your child. If he is 3+ go for group daycare or preschool as it will make him ready for Kindergarten. But if your child is younger, then a home daycare is better because it gives more personal care as there are fewer children to look after.

What is the accreditation of the facility?

Whether it is home daycare of group childcare facility, it is important to choose one with the right license and accreditation. First and foremost, the facility should have a state license. Second, especially for a group childcare facility, the teachers should be trained ones especially in Montessori form of teaching. As for accreditation, NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) is a very sought-after accreditation for group childcare facility while National Association for Family Child Care provides you with a list of providers who have fulfilled the highest standard in family childcare.

How many children are there? What is the caregiver to child ratio?

For a group childcare Duarte, CA, the ideal ratio should be one teacher/staffer for every 4 toddlers. The classroom should have a good mix of children of various ages as that will help your child socialize better. Ideally, such a classroom will be of 8 children depending on the size of the room.

For home childcare, six should be the number of children in the home which will include the children of the provider. Also, make sure that no more than 2 children under 2 are there in the home.

What kind of health policies do you follow?

With the recent outbreak of measles in various parts of the country, it is very important to know if the childcare facility is strict on immunization or not. Go for those facilities which require the children to have full immunization rather than those that are lax with this. Also, ask what medical checkup the staff members (both teaching and non-teaching) undergo before they are selected. They should also be up to date with immunization and should have undergone TB tests. Furthermore, ask about their policies regarding sick children and how much time parents have to collect him if he falls ill.

Montessori Academy of Arcadia offers quality preschool and daycare services in Arcadia and Monrovia in California.

Montessori Academy of Arcadia offers quality preschool and daycare services in Arcadia and Monrovia in California.