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Nov 26, 2020

3 min read

How To Teach Your Young Child At Home Montessori Style

Even with restrictions easing up and schools opening slowly, there are many parents who prefer not to send their child to a Montessori San Marino, CA this year. But that doesn’t mean that the child’s teaching is being hampered; most schools including Montessori schools have long been doing online classes to minimize exposure. Most parents especially those whose children have low immunity are preferring to wait out a year rather than risk sending a child to school. If you are also panning that, here are some tips on how to teach your child at home like a Montessori school.

To start with, here are some points that you should keep in mind before following Montessori style teaching at home.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to teach your child; let the child learn naturally. So, don’t have a heavy schedule rather keep a slow pace so that you both enjoy what you are learning.
  2. Listen to your child and respect his choices. That way your child will learn to make a better decision and be confident in himself.
  3. Let them learn through real-life experience and not through books only. There are many science kits available for children of this age group, let them learn by playing with them. Want to know more about a particular history? Talk to your grandparents or better still visit a library.
  4. Montessori schools don’t just teach children letters and numbers; they also teach them how to be independent in daily life. So, involve your child in everyday work at home. Give him or her specific jobs to do which can be as easy as laying the tablecloth during mealtime or help you in the kitchen by washing vegetables. You can also teach them how to identify vegetables that way!

These are some basic points to keep in mind while starting a Montessori class at home. Now let’s see what things you may need.

To start with, buy child-sized furniture especially a study table and chair. This is not only help him or her now but also later, so invest in a good one. When you take your classes make sure he or she is sitting on that chair table. Also, make him or her responsible for keeping that table clean and organized.

Keep a box handy where you can put toys and learning tools that are not being used. Again, make the child responsible for picking up the toys and tools at the end of the class. Similarly, if you want your child to learn how to open his jackets and hang them in a place, put racks or hooks in a place where the child can reach without the help of an adult.

As for lesson plans, as said before, keep it simple and easy. Subjects to include should be art and craft, language, activities of daily life, eye-hand coordination, and music and movement. Of course, book reading should be also included.

Until and unless there is a clear cut sign that the pandemic is subsiding, it is better to do remote classes from your Montessori in San Marino, CA. in the meantime, follow these tips and teach your child at home.