How To Select Which Kind Of Preschool For Children With Special Needs Your Child Needs

Starting a preschool is a big milestone for any children’ life; and it is extra important if the child has special needs. A right playschool will prepare the child to integrate well in society and work with normal children; hence you need to choose your preschool Monrovia, CA with utmost care if your child is a special needs student. There are three kinds of schools that you can investigate, and here are both the pros and cons of them.

Firstly, there are public special education preschools which are free for children aged between three to five years. If your child qualifies for that, it will be a good step. Such schools are staffed with teachers who are specially trained for early childhood special education and will have a vast impact in improving your child’s life. They also have multiple therapy rooms like occupational, physical and speech. And best part is, they are free! So, you don’t need to run around with your child to preschool as well as therapy classes when you enrol him or her in a public special education preschool. The downside of such schools is that, they are operational only on school days and just for half the day. Furthermore, since they are special needs school, normal children don’t go there and hence you won’t have an inclusive environment. And since they are closed on school breaks and other holidays, they can’t support those parents who are full time employed.

The next kind of school you can look into is private playschools that are community based. There are many such private schools that can accommodate the parent’s belief, financial condition and provide great quality of education. The best part of such a school is that, they have inclusive environment which means your child will be studying with children experiencing normal development. Interacting with such a diverse group is especially important for children who are on the Autism Spectrum as they help them to adjust to society in general. Such schools also come with flexible hours and are geared towards helping full time working parents. The downside of private community based special needs playschool is that, often the educational quality of the teachers may not be that much high. Unlike public special needs school, many teachers may be just Montessori trained with no background in early intervention education. Also, such centres don’t provide additional therapies; so, you may need to pay for them separately if your child needs them.

The best option to get benefit from both the types of schools is to enrol in both. Since public special education schools are open only on the first hour of the day, if you can afford the time and money, you can then enrol your child for the rest of the day into a community based special needs preschool Monrovia, CA. That way, your child will get the best of the both worlds. The only downside is that, if your community preschool won’t collect your child from the public special needs school, you will have to drive your child there in the middle of a workday.

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