Everything You Wanted To Know About Daycare

Every working parent faces a dilemma when it comes to re-joining the workforce when their child is a little older. Daycare is the best answer, and if you are a new parent and don’t know anything about this, then this article is here to help. With the information given, you are sure to find the best daycare in San Marino, CA near you.

To start with, let’s first see how many types of daycare are there. First, there are the group daycare centers. They are like schools and a state-licensed facility. The kids will be of different age groups, and there will be quite many caregivers looking after the children, depending on the size of the group daycare facility. Then there is an in-home daycare center which is generally run by a provider at his or her home. Your child will be taken care of along with the children of the provider. There is no compulsory license mandate for an in-home daycare provider, but keeping your child under one who has it, is always better.

Next comes the benefit of sending your child to a daycare. Apart from the fact that it gives you a chance to go back to the workforce, a daycare also helps the child. If the child is older, he or she gets his or her first education from a daycare facility as well as learn how to socialize with others. It is also much cheaper than hiring a nanny to look after your child at home. A good daycare is generally open for 12 hours giving you enough time to work and pick up your child after work.

Naturally, there are some cons of sending your child to a daycare. One of the biggest, at least in the current scenario is that your child will be exposed to illness and infection. It is not an issue with a healthy child, but if your child is immune-compromised, sending him to a day-care might not be the best answer. Also, if you have to provide the daycare fees from your own pocket, it can become quite pricey. So, unless your employer or government gives you a subsidy for daycare, it can be costly.

Now that you know the pros and cons, let’s see how you will find good daycare in San Marino, CA. The first thing to do is of course research well. Ask other working parents, friends, and relatives in your locality. Once you have a list, you can check them out individually online. Don’t forget to check whether they are registered under a state regulatory agency or not. Then the next step is to go down and check the selected daycare in person. It may be an issue in the current situation; so, see if the facility offers you a virtual tour or not. When you check them out, don’t forget to ask about their accreditation as well as the educational background of their staff especially those who will look after the child. If you have selected an in-home provider, ask if she has a state license or not.

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