5 Hygiene Essentials You Should Follow for Your Baby

The joy of welcoming a baby into this world is an overwhelming experience that can not be described through words. Embracing motherhood for the first time can be rewarding yet challenging as nowadays parenting is the toughest and most demanding job. Being a mother, you always want to protect your baby from everything harmful and take utmost care of him in the best possible ways. So, you have to be extra careful about his/her hygiene. However, you should know that baby hygiene is quite different from the hygiene adults should maintain. Continue reading this blog post if you want to have a better understanding of the essential hygiene you should follow for your baby.

Hygiene Essentials You Should Follow for Your Baby:

If you are working parents and your baby stays in Daycare, then please try to follow the below-mentioned tips to keep your little one protected from various infections and sickness.

1. Use Wet Wipes: Having wet wipes at home and using the same at the time of need would make your life a lot easier. These wipes are useful to clean up diaper spills, spit-up, soiled surfaces, and on many other occasions. It is imp[erative to wipe your baby’s diaper area properly whenever you are changing his/her diaper. Always remember to buy alcohol-free, soft, gentle baby wipes containing aloe vera extract which will keep his/her skin moisturized and soothe any irritation.

2. A Finger Brush and Tongue Cleaner: Maintaining oral hygiene from an early age is important for their healthy gums and strong teeth. According to the pediatricians, you can start brushing their teeth as soon as their first tooth appears. You can either use a soft brush with a small head or a finger brush to clean their teeth. These brushes are ideal for babies as they are made of non-toxic materials and has soft bristles.

3. Detergent Powder: As babies’ immune system is still developing, they can pick up infections from almost everywhere, even from their clothes or bed if they are not cleaned properly. Pediatricians of Duarte, CA always suggest parents use chemical-free and eco-friendly detergent powder to wash babies’ clothes and bed covers. Using normal detergent powder in washing their clothes can lead to various allergic reactions in babies.

4. Bottle Cleaning brush: If you are using feeding bottles for your babies, you must clean the bottles thoroughly after every feed. Please remember using a properly cleaned bottle and nipple can prevent babies from catching infections. So, to clean those bottles buy a bottle cleaning brush that is non-toxic and durable with soft and flexible bristles.

5. Sterilizer: Sterilizing is a better option to clean the feeding bottles as it can remove the unwanted germs, and let the bottles dry before you use them again. Many Daycare centers have their own BPA-free and non-toxic sterilizers to sterilize babies’ feeding bottles.

You can follow these easy-to-maintain, basic but essential tips to take care of your baby’s health without much hassle.

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