3 Most Common Baby Feet Problems And Their Solutions

Did you ever know that many kids born with some problems on their feet? You must be surprised to know that caring for your baby’s feet can truly prevent many major foot problems down the track. According to the observation of Preschool Duarte, CA teachers, foot and ankle problems in children often go unnoticed as most of the time, signs and symptoms are subtle, and most importantly children can not explain properly what is wrong. But it is extremely important to protect those growing feet and to have problems checked out early. Continue reading if you want to know more about the common baby feet problems and their solutions.

Common baby feet problems and their solutions:

Clubfoot: Did you know that about 1 out of every 1000 babies is born with a twisted foot? Sometimes it may curl sideways with the toes bent at an awkward angle or it might have an odd shape. In some cases, the foot, points in the wrong direction, so that it appears to be crooked or even nearly upside down.

Possible solution:

Clubfoot does not normally cause pain in children, but it can lead to a long term problem of defective walking. It can be treated with stretching exercises, surgery, or casts.


This is a condition in which children are born with an extra toe. But this problem is comparatively common and it can occur to people with zero family history.

Possible solution:

According to the childcare experts of Preschool Duarte, CA, the treatment of polydactyly depends on the position of the extra toe. If there are no bones and the toe ends up being poorly formed, doctors suggest putting a clip there to stop the blood flow. But the toes which are better formed can easily be removed surgically once your baby is around one year old.

Congenital Vertical Talus:

This problem is associated with chromosomal or congenital abnormalities. In this case, the child’s foot looks like the bottom of a rocking chair.

Possible solution:

This problem can be treated with stretching exercises, surgery, or casts.

So, if any problem occurs to your child’s feet, please be calm and take him to the doctor as early as possible.

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